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Thigh / Knee / Leg / Ankle / Foot - Meralgia Paresthetica
Once very common type of nerve injury is compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, also known as meralgia paresthetica. This nerve can become compressed due to an underlying metabolic disease such as diabetes or it can be injured due to local surgery (anterior approach for hip replacement), direct pressure on the nerve secondary to wearing a heavy utility belt (policemen), or direct blunt trauma to the front or side of the thigh such as a car accident. This type of nerve injury typically produces severe pain and sensory alterations over the lateral hip/buttock, as well as the front and side of the thigh down to about the level of the knee. Depending on the mechanism of injury involved simply relieving pressure off the nerve may be adequate. In other cases, the nerve may need to be disconnected to achieve excellent pain relief.
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